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Bean Traders

Our Company

When we opened our doors in 2000 we had one mission in mind: roast and serve high-grade, delicious coffee in a warm and welcoming atmosphere while giving to our community through donations and service.

When Bean Traders first opened, most local independent coffee shops did not roast their own beans. Our name was chosen in part to let our customers know that we had more to do with our coffee than just store and brew. We took our bean from farm to cup, and had a hand in all the processes in between.

Whether you are looking to become a customer through our stores or through our wholesale department we will be there for you in coffee education, delivering a fresh product, and giving thoughtful customer service.

Come in and share a thought……have a laugh…..and drink some bean.

Local and Sustainable

Whether you see us as Coffee Roasters, Pie Bakers, or a Community Space, the common thread will and has always been focusing on local and sustainable.

All of our to go hot cups as well as our cold to go cups are compostable. We also give a small discount if you bring your own cup. We give our coffee grinds and burlap bags to community gardens and schools for reusable projects. Over ninety percent of our advertising dollars are used for donations and community events.

We carry an array of locally made goods and fare from our community partners. We take pride in sourcing our green coffee through Direct Trade, Fair Trade, as well as Organic Farms. Most of our ingredients for our pies and in-house baked goods come from organic ingredients and/or local sources. We sell our goods at the South Durham Farmer’s Market. We buy ingredients for our quiches from our fellow farmers at the market.

Lastly, we not only rent our space for local events, we hold community events at no cost to help the coffee industry and local non-profit groups. We are so appreciative that our community has supported us all of these years and allowed us to do something we truly love. Thank you.

Roasting and Brewing

We not only believe in sourcing our coffee through fair means, we believe in only using the highest grade coffee available. We roast several times a week for our retail location, our wholesale customers, and our webshop to ensure you always receive the freshest coffee available.

Our Master Roaster has 18 years of the art of roasting as his experience. We have brew methods and directions listed on our site to help you brew the best bean possible at home. We only employee the best of the best and rigorously train Baristas in store to expertly make your espresso and alternative brew beverages, as well as Bar help to serve our baked goods.

The common thread throughout our staff no matter what position they play is the belief in treating our customers with care by giving 100% to their craft.

Our Story

Dave and Christy first met in 1995 at a coffee shop in Charlotte when she served him a cold-brew coffee. Dave knew at first sight that he wanted to marry Christy, but the journey would take 6 years to make that happen. In that 6 years, Dave made it his mission to learn the craft that was Christy’s passion and within a short amount of time, Dave realized that coffee was his passion as well. Dave not only started working at the shop that Christy left to move to Durham and open Bean Traders, he became their lead coffee roaster.

On a fateful trip back to Charlotte to visit friends, Dave was able to serve Christy at the same Charlotte shop where they first met. After a brief time together, Dave moved to Durham and became the Lead Roaster for Bean Traders as well as Christy’s husband.

“We feel so blessed to not only have found true love through coffee but also that our community has allowed us to spend our lives doing a craft we are truly passionate about.”

Dave and Christy Chapman

Our eggs come from:
Funny Girl Farm & Latta Farm

sourced foods

Our milk comes from:
Homeland Creamery

People served a day

Paper cups spared by choosing resusable mugs

All of our pies are
handmade from scratch

home made pies

with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients


Living Wage
Free Coffee
Paid Time Off
Health Coverage



Bean Traders contributes 3,000+ lbs

 a year for compost

4 years ago
You woke up thinking it was Friday only to be told by your co-worker it's Thursday? Come have a's gonna be ok. ♡ @ Bean Traders Coffee
4 years ago
We are closed for the day. Our Sunday hours are 7am-7pm. Monday will be back to 6am-7pm usual hours ♡☆ @ Durham, North Carolina

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